Our practice covers three service areas: strategic development to define your competitive direction, planning and implementing marketing tactics to get there and sharing knowledge through marketing seminars for business owners/managers to share the tools that will bring a market focus and improved results.

You provide the challenges and we work with you to provide the pragmatic solutions.

Competitive Strategy

Also known as market or corporate strategy Moxy prefers to use competitive strategy as it clearly focuses on the external market environment and aligning the businesses resources to deliver superior results.  Having clear strategy provides some measure of stability and is  part of good management practice.

Establishing a comprehensive strategy is crucial to all businesses including SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) as they must to able to create and maintain a competitive advantage based primarily on innovation and differentiation (being different to competitors).

Remaining competitive is what ensures commercial sustainability and survival.

Strategic Development

Based on research and analysis of: direct/local competitors, suppliers, products/services, internal operations, review of marketing activities including a sales audit to establish what’s working and what’s not, market gaps, threats to avoid and opportunities which may be exploited.  Moxy can also advise how the internal resources (HR, Finance, Plant, Operations) can be most effectively aligned to achieve strategic objectives.

Strategy Implementation/Execution

A strong tactical plan allocates the Who-What-When aspects with timeframes and milestones for achieving each strategic objective.  This could include the formation of a StratEx sub-committee and a StratEx budget (similar to CapEx).  All marketing activities throughout the business will be planned to deliver on identified targets. This may include internal communications about the ongoing progress of strategy implementation.  HR factors may include a programme to upskill staff to improve the level of capability, skill and knowledge they bring to current and future roles.  New roles may need be created and staff reallocated.

Incentives, rewards and recognition also need to be linked to the achievement of strategic objectives.

Strategy Review

Moxy can provide periodic reviews or facilitate with senior managers at monthly meetings and produce quarterly reports, maintaining strong focus on progress.  Competitive strategy must also be included during the annual business review; tracking progress, acknowledging the achievement of strategic objectives and adjusting if necessary.

How can we assist you to compete more successfully?

How can Moxy ensure that you get your market share (share of sales)?

How can we create and reinvent your offerings to build your competitive edge?

How will you win?

Tactical Marketing

To utilise marketing tools to maximum effect, Moxy aligns them to achieving clear strategic objectives.  For example signage and livery needs to express the visible brand elements in a way that differentiates your business from the opposition, advertising and public relations (PR) are deployed to achieve engagement with the target market segments and maximise sales to these specific customers.  Moxy is able to advise clients how to design and implement marketing programmes that implement the competitive strategy.

Brand Experience

Brand is central to all things marketing!  By imprinting the essence of your brand throughout the organisation and developing the internal understanding of brand values, all your staff will be able to create and perform your unique brand experience for customers.  This is very difficult for competitors to copy.  Moxy can develop your new brand design brief or renovate a visual identity which needs to be refreshed or further developed to reflect a new competitive direction.

If professionally managed, your brand can become your most valuable (intangible) asset. Just ask Apple!

N.B. Do not let anyone within 100 miles of your brand unless they have a marketing qualification!  Save yourself the re-work and additional costs – call Moxy.


This is the beating heart of commercial enterprise.  This is where value and wealth is transacted.  Simple.  As the Tui commercial says; Yea right!

Moxy knows that this is the most fundamental function of any business, SALES is where all tactical marketing is focused; supporting sellers to be heard, to be seen, to sell and encouraging buyers to buy.  Nothing is more important than helping your Sales Team to succeed.  All businesses exist to sell their products or services and if no one is selling, or not selling enough then the business fails – ‘last one out, turn the lights off’.

Do you know what’s working and what’s not?  Book your Total Sales Audit with Moxy.


So, what are you selling?  What are you not selling?  In establishing a competitive offering it can be difficult maintaining a differentiated (competitively different) product range. Consider product+service bundling, current problems that you can solve for customers, emerging technologies and future trends, along with new product development (NPD), securing exclusive distribution rights, franchising opportunities, protecting intellectual property (IP) etc.  If this is overwhelming – Moxy has the expertise to get it sorted.

Customer Experience/Service

Your customer’s experience is personally delivered by individual staff members, through every interaction, every communication and through all the technological systems which are customer focused.  Are staff members trained well enough to deliver not only the standard of service required but to be your Brand Ambassador?  Do your systems work to deliver your unique branding and enhance your customers’ experience?  When was the last time you asked your customers what is important to them (a little basic market research)?

Remember – If YOU don’t look after your customer, someone else will.


A range of pricing tactics and psychological factors can impact different sales situations: competitor activities, buyer motivation and the positioning of products, brands or the company.  There are a number of commercial laws to be observed as well as ethical issues. Let Moxy guide you through the myriad of factors that influence price.

Marketing communication

Encompassing the promotional arts of advertising and public relations is the job of marketing communications (abbreviated to communications).  It’s role is increasingly  interactive and spans both traditional and web-based media.  Moxy makes sure that your branding/key brand messaging is delivered and that digital/social content is kept regularly updated, integrated and on-message whether blogging, posting on Facebook or tweeting.  We advise on the selection of appropriate digital channels to reach target customers and make effective use of budgets.

Competitive advantage

Combining all the elements of marketing to create and deliver your unique brand and competitive strategy, Moxy can work with owners and managers to provide very effective levels of differentiation which become difficult for competitors to copy.  However, competitor activities and technological advances will erode todays advantages so that competitive strategy needs to invest in innovation, maintaining commercial differences and re-creating advantages.

Digital and social marketing

Marketing integrates digital and traditional channels maximising budget resources. Moxy includes digital channels in your promotional schedule (part of your marketing plan) utilising appropriate digital advertising and social media as digital communication channels to support sales campaigns, facilitate customer feedback and basic customer relationship management (CRM).

Establishing a digital/social presence, including your website, requires that it is kept regularly updated and relevant, working together with all other aspects of your tactical marketing to deliver key brand messaging.  Your digital communications need regular work to maintain current and engaging content: weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.


Throughout the year there will be a number of seminars where owners/managers can step out of the business to get a fresh perspective and new insights that they can implement.

Knowledge will target the introduction of pragmatic techniques along with theoretical frameworks that can be used together to create ‘kicking’ marketing or shake-up tired/pedestrian marketing that is just not working.  Alternatively,  attending a Moxy seminar may just help to pull the threads of it all together in a way that actually delivers results, highlighting and resolving any gaps or areas that have lost focus.

The programme outline so far.  This may be subject to change.

Wednesday 12 July 2017 – What’s it all about?  What is covered by the concept of marketing?  Getting the foundations in place.

Wednesday 19 July 2017 – Brand, Brand, Brand. It’s important to get a grip on the fundamentals and create an (intangible) asset

Wednesday 26 July 2017 – Establishing market opportunities and target markets.

Wednesday 2 August 2017 – Developing a marketing plan for your business.

Wednesday 9 August 2017 – Marketing management.  What matters, how to work out where you are succeeding (or not).  Making sure that sales are maximised.

Wednesday 16 August 2017 – Social responsibility, ethics, commercial law and protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)

N.B. Let no one NEAR any aspect of your marketing unless they have a marketing qualification.  Just as you would not engage an unqualified lawyer, accountant or car mechanic.  Call the professionals at Moxy.